To be a politician is hard. 

Like a shepherd, alone at the top of the hill, he is struggling to guide the flock. 

In this righteous path of world domination, there is no room for honesty.

BAA is a funny, fast-paced, one-tap, political themed game. 

The objective is to tap on as many "correct" promises as possible, 
within a rapid timeframe, in order to keep the sheep happy.

Keep lying,


Vasilis Galiakis - Art

Ippokratis Bournellis - Programming - Music


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Development log


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Cops Power Up(requested by BJ) almost ready...

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It is alive now !!!

Press the hat when it becomes blue to enforce calmness

Baa - Politics & Sheep - Meet Dick

Hi guys, looks great. When you expect the next update?

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Next update Monday 12/MAR/2018.

Update !

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Check our latest BOB trailer!!!

lol :) :) :)

Nice , waiting for the updates.

J check latest update and give us feedback. Thank u.

Greatly improved. Work on sound design details and add more options similar to calmness enforcement.


Μου αρέσει που είπατε στο GameJam ότι όποιες ομοιότητες με πολιτικούς ήταν τυχαίες! :P ;) Χαχα, βλέπω η λίστα με τα πρόσωπα μεγαλώνει… Μπράβο σας!!! Ελπίζω να είστε μέσα στους τρεις νικητές της διοργάνωσης... ;)

Χαίρομαι που σου αρέσει το παιχνίδι, έχουμε πολύ δουλειά ακόμη αλλά σιγά σιγά το ντύνουμε, πάμε για νέο beta την Δευτέρα. Δεν είμαστε μέσα στις τρείς νικήτριες ομάδες αλλά η διοργάνωση ήταν χρήσιμη - γνωρίσαμε και μας γνώρισαν ενδιαφέροντες άνθρωποι, πήραμε χρήσιμο feedbacκ. Θα χαρούμε να ακούσουμε το feedback σου στα νέα beta - τσέκαρε το project, πάμε για εβδομαδιαία builds.

Check out one more upcoming,  new female Character...

more ladies :) yeah

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Solid concept, nice art but no replayability. After the 1st hour there is no point to keep on playing(besides the sound of Baa). My suggestion is to add more ''Cheese'' and improve gameplay elements(extra crazy content per character , combos, more funny animations, different sheeps...etc).

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Thank you for the feedback json. We are currently in "develpment mode'' and we will keep updating the game with extra characters, animations, music, quotes, new gameplay features and a lot more. Stay tuned.

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Json, thanks for trying out our game and giving us feedback. We have chosen to release the game beta early and we will shape it based on our vision and what feedback users give us. Extra content and combos are in the list for next Monday upgrade, stay tuned. 

Hahaha! This is awesome!

Thank you Nel

Add Kim Jong . He will be an amazin Shepherd :)

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Hello Logan, unfortunately we cannot add any existing-live-actual Politicians. All BAA characters are Fictional. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. However, Stay tuned...

Logan , we are working on some new characters. Maybe you like this one